Diamonds are valued using the Four C's: Carat, Clarity, Colour and Cut. We've given you a full outline of what these mean below.  

If we specify brilliant cut white diamonds, we use VS clarity, colour G and above. Where we use white diamonds above 5mm in size, we will supply a GIA or equivalent certificate.  


We strive to source our diamonds from suppliers who have an understanding of their mines and cutters.  The diamonds we use are conflict free and sourced from gem dealers who are part of the Kimberly Process.  We increasingly use Australian and Canada-mark diamonds and we indicate this in the product text.  Ultimately we believe that jewellery should be beautiful in design, craftsmanship and materials.


The size of a diamond is measured by carat weight.  A one carat (1ct) diamond equates to 100 points, so a 1/2 carat (.50ct) equals 50 points.  We do our best to quote the carat content for all our designs.  This is detailed in the product description.  


The clarity of a diamond measures the degree to which a stone has inclusions.   Where we specify brilliant cut diamonds, we use VS clarity and above.  Where we use diamonds of a higher clarity we usually indicate in the product text.  Most natural diamonds will have small inclusions.  We sometimes use 'salt & pepper' and 'grey' diamonds.  These diamonds get their name from the inclusions in the stone, which often appear as specks or dots.  This gives the stone a beautiful organic quality and thanks to nature, every one is unique! 

Diamond Clarity Chart


Diamonds are graded in colour from D (colourless) to Z (deeper colour). Where we specify white diamonds, we use colour G and above.  We also often use brown diamonds for their beautiful natural colour.  You will see these identified as champagne, sherry or cognac diamonds.  

Diamond Colour Chart


The precision and proportion of a diamond cut affect it's brilliance and sparkle.  Below is a chart of the standard cuts for white diamonds.  We also use more unusual and 'antique' cuts - particularly rose cut diamonds and Indian 'polki' sliced diamonds.  These diamonds are chosen for their individual and unique natural character.  The cut of the diamonds we use are identified in the product description.

Diamond Shapes Chart