OOAK: Carved Jyamiti Stone Ring


Each of these hand carved stone rings is unique and we never make exactly the same piece twice.  Made from semi precious stone and set with a central diamond or pearl.  Hand made from recycled 18 carat gold.  Each precious stone 'flower' is carved by our master lapidary in the UK.  

This design is from our Jyamiti Collection and was inspired by an exploration of nature's pattern and the sacred geometry underlying our universe.


Top: 16mm

Height: 29mm

We currently have the following rings in stock. These designs can be resized:

Rock Crystal and Diamond

Smokey Quartz and Peacock Pearl

Contact us if you would like to have this design handmade individually to order. Delivery is generally within 6-8 weeks. We will call to discuss the exact delivery schedule and product details.  

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