Our Ethos

Handmade Jewellery, London


Flora believes in slow fashion and produces one of a kind or small edition designs from her London studio.  Her jewellery is made in London from her base at the Goldsmith's Centre in Hatton Garden using the traditional skills of hand wax carving, stone carving and setting, alongside contemporary innovation.

Flora's jewellery reflects the complexities of her family history - mixing inspiration from Indian design with references from contemporary culture, ancient mythology and memory.  The result is jewellery infused with symbolism, meaning and a strong sense of pattern - designed to help you tell your own story.

Our Gold

We are committed to sourcing materials in an ethical and sustainable manner.  Our favourite route to sustainability is to repurpose materials - remodelling and upcyling old pieces to reuse the materials, giving them a fresh design and an exciting new lease of life

To avoid adding to the environmental and social damage caused by gold mining, we make in recycled gold and silver.  We are also happy to offer any design specially made in Fairtrade gold.  Flora Bhattachary is a Registered Fairtrade Goldsmith and an Ambassador of Fairtrade ​Gold.  If you would like your piece to be made in Fairtrade Gold, then just get in touch: info@florabhattachary.com.

Gold Jewellery Handmade on the Bench
Diamonds and Coloured Gamestones

Stone Sourcing

We use a small selection of independent gemstone dealers to source our stones. Our diamonds are conflict free and Kimberley Process at a minimum. Where appropriate for the design, we use Canadian diamonds and purchase coloured stones from ethical suppliers.

As each of our diamonds is chosen for their unique and natural characteristics, we provide GIA-certification only where appropriate. If you would like us to source GIA certified diamonds, please get in touch on info@florabhattachary.com and we will advise on the appropriate stone for your budget.  


Nov 23, 2020 Flora Bhattachary

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