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Flora Bhattachary Fine Jewellery: Heirloom Jewels Handcrafted in Hatton Garden, London

Meet Flora

Flora has over 20 years experience in the jewellery industry. She ran the re-knowned jewellery gallery, Electrum and honed her skills at the benches of a range of West End jewellers. Flora established her company in 2015, working closely with a team of craftspeople at The Goldsmiths Centre. Her bohemian upbringing has a strong influence on her design, from spending time in India as a child, to learning to enamel at the kitchen table. She has an MA from Central St Martins and has won a number of awards including from the prestigious Goldsmith’s Craft & Design Council.

"I have always used jewellery design to interrogate my lived experience and to explore family history, my past and the way jewellery expresses identity. Increasingly, I'm enjoying getting to know my clients. I love to hear their stories, understand their style and express that through a unique design. Each of my jewels has a tale to tell and is infused with memory and emotion. "

Luxury Jewellery Inspiration: Ancient Carnelian Talisman

Modern Talismans

"I fell in love with jewellery as a child when I was given an ancient carved bird at an archaeological site in Taxila. I keep my little bird close and it encapsulates my passion for jewellery and it's symbolism."

Traditional Jewellery with a Modern Twist

Ancient & Modern

Flora mixes the ancient and the modern drawing inspiration from pattern, colour, history and mythology. She loves to create jewellery based in tradition with a contemporary twist. Flora specialises in designs personal to the wearer making her clients central to the design process. She sees her jewels as Modern Talisman crafted to evoke memory and emotion, to be worn everyday, and still passed on to your children.

Flora is “devoted to telling a story not in words or paint on canvas, but in gold and precious stone. A thought, a feeling, a moment in history, embodied forever in a jewel"  

Maria Doulton, The Jewellery Editor

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