Diamond and Tahitian Pearl Gold Rings

Sourced with Meaning


Our aim is to make jewellery from ethically-sourced materials using fair labour practices.  We strive to follow the Responsible Jewellery Council Code Of Practice. Our pieces are sourced with care and we do our best to ensure that we use suppliers with traceable and transparent provenance.  

Flora Bhattachary is a Registered Fairtrade Goldsmith (valid to 2019) and an Ambassador of Fairtrade ​Gold.  We use recycled gold, conflict free gold and Fairtrade gold.  

For most of our products we use recycled gold which is indistinguishable from newly mined gold.  Choosing recycled metal means that we are decreasing the environmental and social impact of new gold mining.  We also offer the option of using Fairtrade gold for bespoke designs.  Using Fairtrade gold can make a difference to the miners, their families and their communities by delivering social, economic and environmental improvements to their lives.  Click here for more information: http://www.fairtrade.org.uk.  If you would like your piece to be made in Fairtrade gold, then just get in touch: info@florabhattachary.com.


We strive to source our diamonds from suppliers who have an understanding of their mines and cutters.  The diamonds we use are conflict free and sourced from gem dealers who comply with the Kimberly Process.  Increasingly we use Australian and Canada-mark diamonds and we indicate this in the product text.  Ultimately we believe that jewellery should be beautiful in design, craftsmanship and materials.

For our Certified stones we buy diamonds certified by GIA, AGS or IGR-Global, the most respected independent diamond grading laboratories.  We source our diamonds with the confidence that your purchase is genuine and of the best quality. 

We donate 10% of profits from the Mor Collection to Commit2Change, a charity working to transform the lives of orphaned girls in India through the power of education.

Crafted with Meaning

We believe in slow fashion and produce one of a kind or small edition designs from our studio at the Goldsmiths Centre.  Flora still crafts many designs, overseeing every piece.  Our jewellery is made using the traditional skills of hand wax carving, stone cutting and setting, alongside innovative contemporary technology.  Our carved gems are hand cut by master craftsmen in the UK using traditional techniques.  All of our designs feature UK assay marks in accordance with the Hallmarking Act 1973.  

Tailored with Meaning

To preserve quality and craftsmanship, many of our pieces are made to order specifically for you.  This has the advantage of enabling us to customise our designs to your requests.  Please let us know if you would like us to quote for an alternative stone, metal or tailored feature: info@florabhattachary.com.  When a piece is not in stock or needs bespoke adjustments it will be made to order.  We will notify you of the delivery time on receipt of your order.  Please be aware that due to the specialist nature of the lapidary work lead times can be longer. 

If you are interested in a bespoke order please contact us to discuss the details and making time.  If you have an urgent order, let us know as soon as possible so that we can do our best to help you:  info@florabhattachary.com.