Flora Bhattachary in Studio

Flora's design is rooted in her family connections with South Asia.  Brought up on the hippy trail between London, Suffolk and India, Flora draws on her early experiences and her ancestors links with the East India Company to inspire her work.  Using conflict free diamonds, recycled gold and hand carving, each jewel is infused with tradition, pattern and symbolism.  

Initially studying history, Flora trained in fine jewellery at Medway, becoming Director of Electrum Gallery and gained experience in the workshops of a number of British jewellers before taking an MA at St Martins.  

“I fell in love with jewellery early, playing with my mother’s Tibetan beads and my grandmother’s heirlooms.  The first piece of jewellery I was given as a child was an ancient carved bird at the archaeological site in Taxila.  I still have that bird and it encapsulates the passion for Asia, antiquity and mythology that underpin my designs."

Flora has won a number of prizes, was a New Designer of the Year 2017 finalist in the UK Jewellery Awards and has recently made it to the finals of the Professional Jewellery Awards 2018.  She is available for consultations by appointment at the Goldsmiths Centre in Hatton Garden, Clerkenwell. 

Flora Bhattachary Awards